About KILROY Foundation

KILROY Foundation is a non-profit organization set up in 2013 to improve education opportunities throughout the world. The foundation does this through aid projects related to education as well as award grants to citizens of either Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden or Poland

The first project supported by the KILROY Foundation is the establishment and operation of Sunshine Educare – a pre-school initiative in a township outside Cape Town, South Africa. Additional aid projects will follow, as will the student grant part of the foundation. If you want to be kept updated about the foundations work, follow us on Facebook.

Where does the money come from

The KILROY Foundation is set up and solely funded by the owners of KILROY International, a company focused on helping students and other young people to explore life through travel and education abroad.

KILROY Foundation Grants, promotion activities and administrative costs are fully financed by funds donated by KILROY International.
Learn more about KILROY here.

A few words from the chairman of KILROY Foundation

“My name is Arnar Thorisson, and I head the board of KILROY Foundation as well as KILROY International.

The main reason for my involvement in KILROY is not for me to be the owner of a great company. No, we in KILROY are a group of people interested in developing individuals and communities through travel and education. We want to make the world smaller without minimizing its diversity. We want young people to discover and experience that diversity. We want them to come back home – able to share their wider perspectives. Minimize their prejudices and maximize their interest and involvement in the global community.

We, in our part of the world are a privileged few. It is not our purpose to look at the under privileged and feel sorry for them. We have to support them to become whatever they want to be. Any citizen of the world should have an opportunity to fulfil their dreams – and the most important stepping stone in doing this is access to education. In addition we want to motivate even more young people from our part of the world to go abroad to learn through education or project work.

Because of this we established the KILROY Foundation. The foundation is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to support educational activities throughout the world. KILROY alone is funding the work of the foundation for the time being, but hopefully we can attract more donors in the future.

Follow the work of the KILROY Foundation by joining us on Facebook. There is much more to come…

Thank you for your attention."

Arnar Thorisson
Chairman, KILROY Foundation


Organizational information

KILROY Foundation is registered in Denmark – CVR number: 34757526

The board consists of:

  • Arnar Thorisson (Chairman)
  • Peter Ketelsen
  • Allan Qvist
  • Henrik Kaltoft

You find contact information for the KILROY Foundation here.


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Arnar Thorisson

Arnar Thorisson