Surfing project – South Africa

This project in Cape Town improves surf skills whilst changing young lives.

The KILROY Foundation proudly supports “Making Waves” – a surfing project for underprivileged kids in Cape Town in South Africa run by You2Africa.

“The goal of “Making waves” is to be an effective community-based not-for-profit project that provides wholistic support to impoverished youth and youth at risk to make what would otherwise have seemed impossible, based on their family backgrounds and financial circumstances, possible.
Through surfing, mentoring, coaching and imparting life skills, the surfing project will provide kids from townships in Cape Town, with skills that promote their self-esteem, develop their talents and create opportunities for complete social participation and enhancement.”

The donation will be used for creating a computer room and small library for the “Making Waves” project in Cape Town.The donation would be used for purchasing computers and books – the aim is to improve both literacy and computer literacy.

Do you want to become a volunteer on the surfing project in South Africa?

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