It is with heart warming pleasure that we welcome 2017 with our contribution toward the building of two additional classrooms for children at The Greenway School in Samraong, Cambodia.  

We are happy for the opportunity to work with The Green Lion organization as they work closely with international volunteers, contractors and members of the local community to clear through land to make way for the classroom structures. 

The end result of decades of educational neglect and the persecution of anyone educated, especially teachers, is very clear to see in Cambodia. With low literacy rates in the country, there is still a lot to be done to better educate the nation's youth.

History about Greenway School
A completely free school located in the Pul village of Samraong which teaches various subjects to over 300 children who could not otherwise afford education. The schools objective is to have a relaxed and friendly learning environment which means they aim to minimize bureaucracy and encourage creativity.

Volunteers from around the world assist in teaching English, passing on knowledge of hygiene and sanitation, or by giving workshops developing life skills in sports, arts, and culture. Greenway School was designed, built and completely operates under the guidance of a native Cambodian, Mr. Nuth Ya.

Since beginning his work with the rural community of Samraong in 2008, Mr. Nuth Ya has worked closely with the local community, and in 2013 finally opened the school where it has been growing strength to strength. The school is a wonderful learning option for the children aged 6-15 who come from all over the Pul village as well as five other surrounding villages. Classroom sizes are typically between 25 and 30 students who typically posses only a basic level of English.

Work on the classrooms
Construction started in the early stages of January 2017 where project leaders broke ground to make way for the classroom spaces. The Foundation has and will continue to work closely with team leaders and volunteers from The Green Lion to bring you more images and video throughout the project's journey!

We can't wait to show you more!!...but first hope you will enjoy what has been shared with us so far (scroll down for more). 

Like to become a volunteer on this project? Please read more here!