By Raitamaria Mäki (2015)

Country Origin: Finland

Age Group: 25 - 27

Reason for going abroad: Study Abroad

Travel Destination: Oaxaca, Mexico

Raitamaria is a current masters student of Anthropology at the University of Helsinki and recent 2015 recipient of the KILROY Foundation Grant.

Raitamaria will conduct intense fieldwork for her master’s thesis, leaving her native Finland and voyage to remote region in the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico. She hopes that first-hand experience will give her the opportunity to appreciate her passion for nature and anthropology.

For Raitamaria this means living the next 4 months with rural indigenous communities in order to learn about their culture & traditions by joining them in their daily activities - with limited connection to outside society and access only to life's most essential amenities. Through her experience and proficient understanding of Spanish, Raitamaria also plans to establish connections and collaborations with local education institutes and NGO’s.


During her stay so far, Raitamaria has found special ties between societal identities and surrounding nature, which she looks forward to explore and include within her thesis study while incorporating both Mexican and Western theoretical viewpoints.

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