By Nadya Beder (2015)

Country Origin: The Netherlands

Age Group: 18 - 21

Reason for going abroad: Study (Yeditepe University)

Travel Destination: Istanbul, Turkey

Nadya is an ambitious student and recipient of the 2015 KILROY Foundation Grant, whose passion is to write and take photographs. Having never lived away from home, in February of 2016 she embarked on a 6-month journey to a wonderful land of many contrasts. From Barendrecht in The Netherlands, Nadya has always been interested in cultures outside of her own and has only dreamt of going abroad to pursue her aspirations of becoming an English Language teacher.

Now a reality, Nadya hopes that her adventures will allow her to explore different teaching methods and give her a perspective of life living outside her comfort zone. Her love for writing will be expressed in her personal blog, where she hopes to document her journey to special places, establishing wonderful friendships along the way and bringing life to a story that she looks forward to share with her family, friends and future students.

Stay with us as we follow Nadya on her adventure throughout Turkey and even check out her blog for the latest stories and pictures of her experiences!