By Stine Lykke Carstensen (2015)

Country Origin: Denmark

Age Group: 22 - 24

Reason for going abroad: Internship/Volunteer in Education (Care for Education)

Travel Destination: Johannesburg, South Africa

Hi everyone! 

My name is Stine, I’m 24 years from Denmark and 1 of 10 recipients of the KILROY Foundation Grant. I arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa a month ago to explore the country and work for an organization called Care for Education – doing charity work for the LEGO Foundation. I was lucky enough to get a voluntary internship for 3 months in this amazing country. A part of my internship is to visit day cares and schools to help them use LEGO in the most useful way to optimize teaching and learning through play. 

The teachers are excited and thankful for the help and support as they all come from under privileged areas. Getting to put smiles on teachers and children’s faces is one of the best parts of my internship. I have learnt a lot about South Africa through experiences and conversations with people around me... South Africa is very different from a country like Denmark... 

There are people everywhere! South African people are awesome, polite, welcoming and the most smiling people I have ever meet. It doesn’t matter what your skin colour is or how much money you have…

This country respects each other...

The last month I have warn sandals and shorts every single day... has been a great escape from the cold winter. South Africa’s history is a huge part of my everyday life.

Getting to know this country and all its beautiful aspects is easier said than done...

every day I learn something new about the country, culture and the people...there is SO much to explore...

...and I can’t wait to learn even more! :) 

So follow with me through the KILROY Foundation, on my movement to educate our youth through fun and play :)

~ Stine Xo


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