By Sanne Sørensen (2015)

Country Origin: Denmark

Age Group: 25 - 27

Reason for going abroad: Community volunteering

Travel Destination: Lusaka, Zambia

Sanne is an avid volunteer and one of ten recipients of the 2015 KILROY Foundation Grant - with a passion for meeting people from different cultures, where both parties learn from each other.

In early 2016 Sanne left her native Denmark to pursue a half year journey with the Joint Country Programme (JCP) in the African nation of Zambia. Aside from working on a few personal projects, her role has been primarily to design a fresh volunteer programme for Danish youth traveling to Zambia throughout 2016 and 2017.

Sanne quickly felt a strong connection with her colleagues while also applying her experience from student life as an International Development and History major. She saw her volunteer role as an exciting opportunity to bridge Danish and Zambian youth together for collaboration and share of cultural differences. 

Above: every day smiles with JCP office staff - Bellah (the guy with the flowers) is celebrating his birthday

Sanne’s passion for community volunteering began when she embarked on a journey to Zambia in December 2011. The host family welcomed Sanne as they opened her eyes to a unique culture of music, art and everyday life. Through the experience, Sanne gained a chance to understand humanitarian work in the field - teaching her valuable lessons in cross cultural communication, understanding and empathy.

Above: Sanne pays a visit to her host family from 2011 in the village of Harmony - eating mangos with Charles

Below: Sanne getting places. Bicycles are often considered a form of hop-on/hop-off taxi in Zambia 


Below: cycling for important cause. "We have Faith" - a regional campaign for climate justice

Follow with us over the next months for more insights into Sanne's experiences in Zambia. You can also check out her blog where she shares her photos and stories of her adventures!