By Rikke Romme (2015)

Country Origin: Denmark

Age Group: 22 - 24

Reason for going abroad: Study Abroad (Hong Kong Baptist University)

Travel Destination: Hong Kong

Hi Everyone! 

Im Rikke, recipient of a KILROY Foundation grant and student from Denmark where I study Communication at the School of Media and Journalism. This semester is one where I can take electives in English and is why I chose to take a semester abroad in Hong Kong. I study at Hong Kong Baptist University and chose to focus on subjects that I found fitting to strengthen my knowledge in areas such as art, entrepreneurship, PR and writing.

One of my classes at the university is "Public Art" where I learn about the meaning of different interventions and how they affect the lives of people. My final exam is to present a piece of public art and research about an artist of my choice...but I also have to create a piece of public art myself from scratch!

In my second class, "Creative Writing" I go into depth by drafting short stories aside from learning to develop characters, plots, narratives and settings. My fellow students and I practice by writing our own stories, articles and blogs while also learning how to write poetry and role plays.

My "Entrepreneurship" class has taught me a lot about the business aspects within the arts industry, what it takes to set up a gallery, which team you should gather, how to generate revenue and pitch to investors.

My "Digital PR" class teaches me more about how to activate and make use of a business’s online users. I am taught ways to activate different target groups and what tools to use.

The last class I’m taking is called "Visual Culture" in everyday life where I learn about art history and how to define the value of art. To get the deepest understanding of this course, my class and I visit art galleries around the city to gain insights about their ways of displaying art for the public to admire. 

Throughout this post you will have seen some of the pictures from one of my field trips. My class and I visited four different galleries and wrote a paper on how they exhibited art pieces and what gallery spaces we all thought "worked the best." 


In my next semester I will be doing an internship where I have found my classes suitable for preparation to work within the creative sector the likes of museums, advertising agencies or record labels.


Follow me for next time, as I continue my journey throughout parts of Asia sharing with you more pictures and stories of this incredible side of the world. 

~ Rikke :)


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 ...update May 2016

Hi All!

Im back to tell and show you some of my experience through Southeast Asia :) 

For the school holidays, many of us exchange students take for vacation to advantage the week we had off. So… my friend and I decided to travel to the Philippines :) 


We flew into Cebu where we went north to Bantayan Island to meet up with some girls from the university. We lived in a cute little city, Santa Fe. rented scooters one day and explored the island filled with the sweetest people.


As you can see on my pictures, I am in love with all the palm trees surrounding me in these warmer climates…so different to back home.

 After a beach day we travelled back to Cebu City to go down to Oslob where we were educated about the local whale sharks. The surroundings were simply amazing!

The next day an early morning ferry takes us to Bohol Island, where we then continued to the smaller Panglao Island….living close to the quiet, beautiful “White Beach”.

We spent our days there on Alona Beach, rented a see-through kayak, went on a trip to see the Chocolate Hills and the unique Tarsier and python snakes.

Engaging with the local people was so refreshing...they were generally always happy to show us around :)

 Tried stand up-paddling…what an amazing way to end our exploration of the Loboc River on Bohol Island.

Philippines was overall a beautiful country to visit and people there were incredibly friendly and helpful. Would I go back? YES!

Thank You! Philippines for the warm welcome

~ Rikke :)

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