By Caroline Nørgreen (2015)

Country Origin: Denmark

Age Group: 18 - 21

Reason for going abroad: Internship/work educational institution (Haramaya University)

Travel Destination: Alemaya, Ethiopia

Hi reader :) 

Let me begin by introducing myself.  I'm a 20 year old student, studying biotechnology engineering at the Technical University of Denmark. Even though my passport says I am Danish, I am really more of a third culture kid, after having lived in China all my life... I also went to an American school, so I'm not really Danish, not really Chinese, and not really American either....I moved back to Denmark 2.5 years ago, and ever since have been searching for opportunities to travel the world. Anyways, enough introduction. :)

I've heard from many, that travelling during your university degree is always a great idea. My thought is though, why travel to the normal desinations of going state side, down under, or somewhere else in Europe? Why not consider Africa?

I finish my bachelor degree this June, but before then I need to complete a bachelor thesis. I found a project, and a great one too....... SO i'm in Ethiopia for a some months, to complete experimental work on how get camel milk made into cheese, yogurt, etc. Camel milk is a resource not utilized to the same extent as cow milk, and despite the millions of camels found in northern Africa this resource is often wasted.

"Give back to the people" - this project aims to give Ethiopia the resources and technology necessary to create a whole new industry for the country. Think about it the next time you go to the supermarket. What product is most expensive - a litre of milk or a kilo of cheese? Cheese is often found to be a more valuable product.

My experimental results might only be a small step of the way for this camel cheese to exist, but it is still a step in the right direction... so ETHIOPIA IM SO HAPPY TO BE HERE!!! :) 

The next few weeks will be used to complete the prep. work for these experiments, and plenty plenty more pictures from me of my experiences around this beautiful country : - ) 


~ Caroline  <3 


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